Roman paths in Lermoos

Roman path in Lermoos, Austria

Lermoos is situated at a historic route which was even used by the ancient Romans. This clever example of offline ‘augmented reality’ reminds of the fact that there was a Roman path made of trunks leading through the swamp between Lermoos, Ehrwald and Biberwier.

Porta principalis dextra in Vienna

Porta principalis dextra in Vienna, AustriaMosaic at a building in Vienna mentioning that the right principal gate (porta principalis dextra) of a Roman camp was situated here in 1st century. The name of this camp was Vindobona. More…

Roman wedding in Carnuntum

Reenactment of a Roman Wedding in Carnuntum

During a Roman festival at the archaeological park of Carnuntum I watched a reenactment of a Roman wedding. That way I learned about the tradition, that the Roman bride is cloaked. More…

Roman sewer cover in Carnuntum

Reconstruction of a Roman sewer cover

Reconstruction of an ancient Roman sewer cover seen at the Archaeological Park Carnuntum located in the Austrian state Niederösterreich (Lower Austria). More…