Roman paths in Lermoos

Roman path in Lermoos, Austria

Lermoos is situated at a historic route which was even used by the ancient Romans. This clever example of offline ‘augmented reality’ reminds of the fact that there was a Roman path made of trunks leading through the swamp between Lermoos, Ehrwald and Biberwier.

Porta principalis dextra in Vienna

Porta principalis dextra in Vienna, AustriaMosaic at a building in Vienna mentioning that the right principal gate (porta principalis dextra) of a Roman camp was situated here in 1st century. The name of this camp was Vindobona. More…

Roman wedding in Carnuntum

Reenactment of a Roman Wedding in Carnuntum

During a Roman festival at the archaeological park of Carnuntum I watched a reenactment of a Roman wedding. That way I learned about the tradition, that the Roman bride is cloaked. More…

Roman sewer cover in Carnuntum

Reconstruction of a Roman sewer cover

Reconstruction of an ancient Roman sewer cover seen at the Archaeological Park Carnuntum located in the Austrian state Niederösterreich (Lower Austria). More…

Capitoline Wolf in Maria Saal

Capitoline Wolf in Maria Saal, Austria

This ancient Roman stone is immured in a church named Marienkirche in Maria Saal. The stone shows the Capitoline Wolf (Lupa Capitolina). The wolf looks really annoyed, doesn’t it? More…

Roman fashion show in Carnuntum

Roman fashion show in Carnuntum, Austria

During a festival on the grounds of the archaeology park Carnuntum a Roman fashion show took place. The audience was not only told about the elements of ancient fashion but also how to put on a toga. By the way the lady with the red scarf is portraying a Roman bride. More…