Kunst und Kultur Hotel in Geras

Former granary in Geras, Austria

The hotel is split in two buildings. One building used to be the granary, the other one the dairy farm of Geras Abbey. Actually I had an excellent view of Geras abbey from my room at the former granary. The hotel is also linked with Geras Abbey by offering a lot of workshops in the rooms of the abbey.

My three top impressions of the hotel

  • The inspiring atmosphere of staying with people who are taking lessons in creativity
  • The fascinating amount of workshops offered in the nearby abbey
  • The life in a former granary

I used my stay at the hotel for visiting an exhibition about the history of fire brigades and joining a lesson in creating hand-made paper.

Disclosure: This trip was supported by 50plus Hotels Österreich and K-u-K Seminar Hotel Geras