Steam powered fire pump in Geras

Antique fire pump of Horn, Austria

An an exhibition at Stift Geras (Geras Abbey) I saw this steam powered fire pump dating back to 1911. It was used by the fire brigade of the Austrian city Horn.


Sundial at Geras Abbey

Sundial at Geras Abbey, Austria

Next to the room where I took a workshop in creating hand-made paper I came across this sundial. It is placed at the court of Geras Abbey (Stift Geras). I wonder which castle is shown at that sundial?


Kunst und Kultur Hotel in Geras

Former granary in Geras, Austria

The hotel is split in two buildings. One building used to be the granary, the other one the dairy farm of Geras Abbey. Actually I had an excellent view of Geras abbey from my room at the former granary. The hotel is also linked with Geras Abbey by offering a lot of workshops in the rooms of the abbey.


Volkswagen Type 181 in Geras

Volkswagen Type 181 in Geras, Austria

At an exhibition about the history of the fire brigades taking place at Geras Abbey (Stift Geras), I saw this Volkswagen Type 181. It was built in 1974 and was used as service car for the fire brigades in Lower Austria. Reading the story of this car makes me smile: Was this car really called “The Thing” in the US?


View of Geras Abbey

View from my hotel room in Geras, Austria

View from my hotel room in Geras. I stayed on the first floor of a former ‘Sch├╝ttkasten‘. That is a building which was used for the storage of corn in earlier times. From my room, I had this view of Geras Abbey (Stift Geras). Inside the building on the left side I took a lesson in producing hand-made paper lately.