Kunsthotel Kristiana in Saalbach

Atelier at hotel Kristiana in Saalbach, Austria

The hotel is placed near the centre of Saalbach. The owner is not only a good chef but also a good teacher in painting. The hotel offers packages for people who are interested in to improve their skills in painting. The classes take place in a dedicated atelier next to the hotel.

My three top impressions of the hotel

  • Nearly each room is decorated by the owner of the hotel
  • The hotel offers painting classes at a dedicated atelier
  • I had a talk with the owner about art

I used my stay at that hotel for walking through Saalbach and taking some photos of fun moments like a mural showing a ‘Jägerbegräbnis’

Disclosure: This trip was supported by 50plus Hotels Österreich and Kunst-Hotel Kristiana