Mostviertler Schienenradl in Mostviertel

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Mostviertler Schienenradl in Mostviertel, Austria

On the tracks of a former narrow-gauge railway between Ruprechtshofen and Wieselburg one have the chance to drive a draisine now. On a line of about 11 km one drive through a small area of swamp and after overcoming a little hill and having a break there one can dashing down to Wieselburg.

Landscape along the Mostviertler Schienenradl

The landscape is generally hilly, one see a lot of fields and some woods. The gear ratio is low so one can’t drive that fast. On the other hand it is easier to overcome the hill in the middle of the line that way.

Having a break at the Mostviertler Schienenradl

On top of the hill there is a small station for having a break. There one get not only some local food (e.g. slices of bread piled with smoked bacon) but one also have the chance to have a nap in such a cozy bed. No worry about faster drivers than you: There is a simple way to overtake the slower ones just by swapping the draisines.