Genussmeile at the Thermenregion Wienerwald

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Church of Sooß, Austria

The Genussmeile is an event which takes place every fall in the Thermenregion Wienerwald, an area south of Vienna. On that event one can walk along a wining and dining trail right in the vineyards between Mödling and Bad Vöslau.

Sign of the 1. Wiener Wasserleitungsweg

Actually the trail is following a water supply line which delivers water from the mountains to Vienna. This supply line built more than 100 years ago is hidden below the trail but sometimes one can see small maintenance buildings with an appearance of old guardhouses.


Table at the Genussmeile south of Vienna, AustriaDuring my visit at the Genussmeile 2013 there were about 70 stalls located along this trail in the vineyards. The appearance of these stalls varied from simple tables made of wood up to stylish leader sofas. So different the stalls so different the people. Curious guests of the local guest houses mixed with locals wearing traditional garbs.

Tents at the Genussmeile south of Vienna, Austria

For me the broad variety and the nice setting of the trail were the two main attractions of this event. That way everybody was able to find ‘its’ place where to sit down for having a glass of wine or some local food. Some of us sat down in the shadows of the nearby vines, some of us had a good laugh and much fun inside a tent high over the vine yards.

Note: My visit at the Genussmeile 2013 was supported by the tourism board of Wienerwald.