Pumpkin seed oil tasting in Graz

Pumpkin seed oil degustation in Graz, Austria

During summer 2013 the organization Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A. (Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.D.O.) offers a tasting for pumpkin seed oil in a traditional restaurant of Graz. Opposite to other tastings of products this event doesn’t present different types of pumpkin seed oil for selling but explain the difference between Styrian pumpkin seed oil and other oils from abroad.

Beuschel for lunch in Austria

Beuschel for lunch in Austria

After walking through the gorge of the Mendlingtal I ordered at the Hammerherrenhaus a “Beuschel” for lunch. This is a traditional meal especially in Vienna, but one gets it in other parts of Austria too. Generally it includes the lungs and the heart of a calf served with a bread dumpling. There are variations with other plucks too.

Starters from Mostviertel

Starters from Mostviertel, Austria

A compilation of starters which are common in the Austrian region Mostviertel (from left to right): Räucherforelle (smoked trout), Sulz (cured meat in gelatine), Schafkäse (sheep milk cheese), Grammelschmalz (lard with greaves) and Karreespeck (back fat).

McIntosh apples in Graz

McIntosh apple at a farmer market in Graz, Austria

At the Kaiser-Josef-Markt – the oldest farmer market of Graz – I saw this offer for McIntosh apples. Well, the spelling on this label is wrong but the story of these apples is interesting. I was told the famous computer model Apple Macintosh is named after this apple.

Selection of Styrian delicacies

Selection of Styrian delicacies

On a tour through Graz guided by the Graz Guides I had this selection of Styrian delicacies at the restaurant Eckstein. By the way did you know that Graz is also known as Austria’s Capital of Culinary Delights? More…

Mushroom dish in Klammstein

Mushroom pan in Klammstein, Austria

One reason to visit the restaurant of Hotel Klammstein was the ‘Pfandlwoche’. In this period the restaurant offered especially dishes served in pans (‘Pfandl’). I had a pan with mushrooms and dumplings. The owner of the restaurant told me the mushrooms were collected in the woods around the hotel.

Nettle soup in Klammstein

Nettle soup

At the restaurant of Hotel Klammstein I tried nettle soup as starter. It was a great alternative to all these noodle soups you generally get in rural areas. The owner of the hotel told me that she collects the stinning nettle herself at certain places around the hotel. More…

Egg dish with Styrian pumpkin seed oil

Egg dish with Styrian pumpkin seed oil

One of my most favourite dishes in Styria: An egg dish with Styrian pumpkin seed oil. What dishes with Styrian pumpkin seed oil have you already tried?