Chörlein of St Sebaldus in Nuremberg

Chörlein of St Sebaldus in Nuremberg, Germany

In Nuremberg one can often see architectural elements looking like a secular bay but actually they are the choirs of private chapels named Chörlein. Probably the most beautiful Chörlein I saw at the presbytery of St. Sebaldus Church (St. Sebald)


Sundial at the Fembohaus of Nuremberg

Sundial at the Fembohaus of Nuremberg, Germany

Sundial at the Fembohaus which houses the city museum of Nuremberg. Inside one can see a lot of fascinating stuff, e.g. a big model showing Nuremberg before World War II.


The beekeeper with a crossbow in Nuremberg

The beekeeper with a crossbow in Nuremberg, Germany

Surprising detail seen at this house sign of an inn: The man with the crossbow is actually a beekeeper! I was told beekeepers were allowed to use this dangerous weapon in order to keep away bears.

Public Art Sculptures

‘Hare’ by Jürgen Goertz in Nuremberg

Sculpture by Jürgen Goertz in Nuremberg, Germany

Remarkable sculpture created by the artist Jürgen Goertz seen on an even more striking place. It is situated in sight distance of Albrecht Dürer’s home, the creator of the famous painting: ‘Young Hare’.

Dragons Sculptures

Saint George in Nuremberg

Sankt George in Nuremberg, Germany

A statue of Saint George and the Dragon in the streets of Nuremberg. So far the most statues of Saint George I have seen are showing him a clear winner. Well, I’d say this time the state of the dragon is tight but not hopeless. What do you think?


Fun presents in Nuremberg

Presents from Nuremberg, Germany

Fun presents found at my hotel room. A box of Lebkuchen and the artist Albrecht Dürer as toy figurine. Actually Nuremberg is for both pretty famous. By the way a big exhibition with the works of the young Dürer will open on May 24th. A good reason to go back to Nuremberg soon.

City Walls

The town wall of Nuremberg

Town wall of Nuremberg, Germany

Nürnberg (Nuremberg) is still surrounded by a strong town wall to a large extend. I had this view from the room of my hotel which was situated inside the walls. So I had this excellent view of the guard’s walkway.

Cuisine Restaurants

Historical tavern ‘Wurstkuchl’ in Regensburg

Historical tavern in Regensburg, Germany

The historical tavern ‘Wurstkuchl’ offers delicious sausages and sauerkraut for more than 500 years. In earlier times the workers used to have their lunch there, today a lot of tourists and even ducks stop by 🙂


Café Fürstenhof in Regensburg

Café Fürstenhof in Regensburg, Germany

I just love the style of this café in Regensburg named Café Fürstenhof. What about you? Would you love to have a cup of coffee at this balcony watching the people in the street?

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of Regensburg

Emblem of Regensburg, Germany

On my way from the railway station to the centre of Regensburg I discovered the emblem of the city at an oriel window: Two white keys in a red field.

City Walls

Wall ruins in Regensburg

Town walls of Regensburg, Germany

Two wall ruins near the railway station of Regensburg. The wall in the foreground was built in medieval times, the wall in the background is even from ancient Roman period.


On an ICE T to Regensburg

Driver cabin at a German ICE

A view of the driver cabin of a German ICE T. In this kind of train one has the chance to sit behind the driver – only separated by a glass door – and to watch the landscape through his windows. Do you know similar trains in your region?