Landmatura in Schlierbach

Mr. Weingartner as reaper in Schlierbach, Austria

At the farm house of Mr. Weingartner in Schlierbach I took a lesson in cutting hay with a traditional scythe. Interested people can also take a class learning about some facts regarding agriculture. Though this is mainly an offer just for fun the lessons are pretty informative.

The abandoned railway station of Schlierbach

The abandoned railway station of Schlierbach, Austria

On my way to Schlierbach Abbey I came across the abandoned railway station of Schlierbach. Austrian railway stations dating back to he monarchy are very typical. One can recognizes them even after 100 year. More…

Schlierbach Abbey in winter

Schlierbach Abbey in winter

Photo of Schlierbach Abbey taken during a train ride from Graz to Linz. Some months later I had the chance to visit the famous cheese factory of the abbey. More…