North American B-25J Mitchell in Zeltweg

North American B-25J Mitchell in Zeltweg, Austria

At the air show Airpower in Zeltweg, I took this photo of a North American B-25J Mitchell. This plane was built in 1945. Today one can see it at the Hangar-7 in Salzburg or while performances of ‘The Flying Bulls’.


Walpurgiskirche in Sankt Michael

Walpurgiskirche in Sankt Michael in Obersteiermark, Austria

On a train journey from Leoben to Knittelfeld, I pass this church. The building looks gothic. Is it worth a visit?


Restaurant ‘Speisesaal’ in Graz

Restaurant 'Speisesaal' in Graz, Austria

Restaurant Speisesaal is located on the ground floor of Hotel Wiesler. Personally, I’d consider it as a venue for having a good time while eating a huge burger or steak and listening to music presented by a DJ.


Perchtenlauf in Judenburg

Perchte at a Perchtenlauf in Judenburg, Austria

The Perchtenlauf (Procession of Perchten) in Judenburg was the first Perchtenlauf I have ever watched. I was impressed with how scary the masks looked like. Though I don’t think that a Perchtenlauf in the mid of November is really traditional I like the idea of this event and recommend to watch such a procession if you get the chance anywhere in the Alpine region.


Learning about the architecture of Graz

Old and modern architecture combined in Graz, AustriaIn Graz there is a special offer provided by the Graz Guides and VeloVital. By a guided e-bike tour of three hours one can learn about different forms of architecture located in the city. As the tour is performed by e-bikes one come across a lot of different places scattered all over the city. More…

Accommodations Hotels

Hotel Wiesler in Graz

Hotel Wiesler in Graz, Austria

Hotel Wiesler is located next to the center of Graz. After a walk of a few minutes one reaches the Kunsthaus (Museum of Contemporary Art) or the central market place. From many rooms one has a fine view of the landmark of Graz, the Uhrturm (a clock tower).


McIntosh apples in Graz

McIntosh apple at a farmer market in Graz, Austria

At the Kaiser-Josef-Markt – the oldest farmer market of Graz – I saw this offer for McIntosh apples. Well, the spelling on this label is wrong but the story of these apples is interesting. I was told the famous computer model Apple Macintosh is named after this apple.


Selection of Styrian delicacies

Selection of Styrian delicacies

On a tour through Graz guided by the Graz Guides I had this selection of Styrian delicacies at the restaurant Eckstein. By the way did you know that Graz is also known as Austria’s Capital of Culinary Delights? More…

Railway Stations

Waiting room at railway station Selzthal

Waiting room at railway station Selzthal, Austria

In the small Styrian municipality of Selzthal, the structures of the railway station dating back to 1872 are still existing. So one can spend the time of waiting in this lovely decorated room.


The cat at the ice cream shop

Cat at ice cream shop in Graz, Austria

Cute! A cat observing people in front of an ice cream shop in my native town Graz, Austria. I wonder what it is thinking right at that moment. Any ideas?


String A.E.I.O.U. in Graz

AEIOU at the Burg of Graz

An interesting detail of Graz: There are several signs mentioning the string A.E.I.O.U. This was used by the Habsburg Emperor Frederick III who resided in Graz for many years. The meaning of this string is still unsolved.


Steam locomotive 33.132 in Mürzzuschlag

Steam locomotive 33.132 in Mürzzuschlag, Austria

While my train was waiting at the railway station of Mürzzuschlag this pretty steam locomotive passed by. The locomotive with the number 33.132 is part of the BBÖ Class 113 and was built in the year 1925. It is still used for vintage train journeys by the company B&B Blue Train.