Pumpkin seed oil tasting in Graz

Pumpkin seed oil degustation in Graz, Austria

During summer 2013 the organization Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A. (Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.D.O.) offers a tasting for pumpkin seed oil in a traditional restaurant of Graz. Opposite to other tastings of products this event doesn’t present different types of pumpkin seed oil for selling but explain the difference between Styrian pumpkin seed oil and other oils from abroad.

Learning about the architecture of Graz

Old and modern architecture combined in Graz, AustriaIn Graz there is a special offer provided by the Graz Guides and VeloVital. By a guided e-bike tour of three hours one can learn about different forms of architecture located in the city. As the tour is performed by e-bikes one come across a lot of different places scattered all over the city. More…

Hotel Wiesler in Graz

Hotel Wiesler in Graz, AustriaHotel Wiesler is located next to the centre of Graz. After a short walk, guests reach the Kunsthaus (Museum of Contemporary Art) or the central marketplace. From many rooms, one has a fine view of the landmark of Graz, the Uhrturm (a clock tower).

McIntosh apples in Graz

McIntosh apple at a farmer market in Graz, Austria

At the Kaiser-Josef-Markt – the oldest farmer market of Graz – I saw this offer for McIntosh apples. Well, the spelling on this label is wrong but the story of these apples is interesting. I was told the famous computer model Apple Macintosh is named after this apple.

Selection of Styrian delicacies

Selection of Styrian delicacies

On a tour through Graz guided by the Graz Guides I had this selection of Styrian delicacies at the restaurant Eckstein. By the way did you know that Graz is also known as Austria’s Capital of Culinary Delights? More…

The cat at the ice cream shop

Cat at ice cream shop in Graz, Austria

Cute! A cat observing people in front of an ice cream shop in my native town Graz, Austria. I wonder what it is thinking right at that moment. Any ideas?

Elevator up to the clock tower of Graz

Elevator inside a rock in Graz, Austria

A special way to go up to the clock tower on top of a rock in the centre of Graz is taking this elevator. The lift connects a tunnel inside the rock with the plateau next to the clock tower. While going up in this glazed cab one have an exciting view of the elevator shaft taught in a strange blue light.

Dog at the Burggarten of Graz

Dog at the Burggarten of Graz, Austria

Sometimes I am having a picnic at the Burggarten of Graz. This is a park next to the former castle of Graz. It happens to be a beautiful dog posed right in front of my camera this time. Isn’t it a cutie?