‘Stadtkern’ of Graz

 The 'Stadtkern' of Graz, Austria

Fun idea: Near the geographic centre of my city a model of a peach stone indicates the city centre. This is a pun as in the German language we use for the centre of a city and the stone of a fruit the same term: ‘Kern’. The sculpture was designed by the artists Anne and Peter Knoll.

Lovely inner yard in Graz

Lovely inner yard in Graz, Austria

An inner yard in Graz. One can find them especially at the 1st district of the city. Some of them are open for public. I took this photo while climbing up to a gallery located in the fifth store of an old building in the centre of Graz.

Over the rooftops of Graz

Over the rooftops of Graz, Austria

View from the terrace of the Gallery Remixx in Graz. The church on the left side is the Dom (Cathedral) of Graz, the three spires on the right side belong to the Katharinenkirche and the mausoleum of Emperor Friedrich II.

On the grounds of Schloss Eggenberg

On the grounds of Schloss Eggenberg in Graz, Austria

My first stop of my museums trip along the locations of the Universalmuseum Joanneum: On the grounds of Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Palace).

Rainbow in the streets of Graz

Rainbow in the streets of Graz, Austria

Amazing! Next to a construction site, I saw this rainbow (bottom left) in the streets of Graz. It was caused by a drizzle, with which the dust of demolition work had been tied. So I had the chance to walk through a rainbow for the first time.

Art nouveau building in Graz

Art nouveau building in Graz, Austria

Art Nouveau building located in a shopping street named Sporgasse in Graz. Well, the building obviously need a kind of brush-up but actually I love this combination of beauty and decay. What do you think?